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Morrigan securing Mobile Health (mhealth) Services

There is a growing worldwide recognition of the role that mobile communication can play in assisting the provision of vital medical services. The Morrigan Secure Application (“MSA”) can play a vital role in securing this communication and assisting the life-saving work of the mobile medical health professional.

Pharmaceutical companies, network operators, medical professionals and patients are increasingly recognising the vital role that mobile technology can play in providing medical assistance and services. The MSA can provide the security layer that is of paramount importance when dealing with a variety of sensitive information, ranging from location and availability of medical supplies in Sub-Saharan Africa to the secure tracking, confirmation and acknowledgement of vital communications between medical professionals and also to providing a secure communication method for sensitive doctor-patient interaction.

The MSA can provide the critical security layer to these mobile communications that can secure patient confidentiality in real-time in an end-to-end, seamless manner.

The MSA can facilitate:

  • Secure doctor-patient communication of appointments and results via secure text message.
  • Secure communications between medical professionals in the field and hospital base through integration with secure VoIP desktop handsets.
  • Transfer of patient notes between medical professionals by secure text message.
  • Cost savings for secure communications within hospital Wi-Fi environment.
  • Secure transfer of pictures to facilitate discrete diagnosis.
  • Secure communication of information including drug availability, health programme commencement dates and clinic opening times.

The MSA can also provide client-focussed development in partnership with Network Operators and Pharmaceutical companies including:

  • The ability to secure supply and shipment of drug consignments through the secure tracking acknowledgement and confirmation of shipment and receipt.
  • Drug authentication services to combat counterfeit products.
  • Secure automation of text message reading services for the visually impaired.
  • Multi-lingual software solutions for various language requirements.

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