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Morrigan Partners Ground Breaking In-Flight Communications

Securing passenger in-flight air-to-ground communications.

Morrigan has recently successfully completed testing of the Morrigan Secure Application (“MSA”) on various commercial flights using the in-flight Wi-Fi system with outstanding results in terms of voice quality and performance. This comes as the US Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) is acting to remove restrictions on Internet use on commercial airlines and to speed up the deployment of Internet services on-board commercial aircraft. Boeing has also taken steps to test improvements on wireless signalling in aircraft cabins in order for passengers to enjoy more reliable connectivity when using mobile devices in the air.

The MSA is fully Wi-Fi compatible and has unique applicability in terms of commercial airline passenger’s air–to-ground communications. As Wi-Fi connectivity becomes increasingly available on commercial airlines via satellite not only can passengers stay connected using mobile workstations such as smartphones and tablets but it can also lead to significantly reduced costs for global corporations communicating back to the office while on internal or international air travel.

The MSA operates in conjunction with a SIP trunk which allows the passenger to utilise MSA when in the air to call any number, mobile or fixed line anywhere on the planet, including another user on a different aircraft.

The MSA has a number of key features which have critical compatibility with in-flight connectivity. These key features include:

  • Security

The MSA provides secure and encrypted communications for voice, voicemail, text and data. This security feature is of critical importance for sensitive communications and will provide an additional security feature for passengers who can be assured that their communications are secured via the MSA notwithstanding that they are utilising Wi-Fi via satellite at high altitudes.

  • Cost-Saving

The MSA works on extremely low bandwidth (less than 5 kbits/sec). This is of significant importance to the airlines that provide, and bear the cost of the Wi-Fi in flight as it reduces the bandwidth required. Traditional VoIP services require significant bandwidth availability to operate at an acceptable level for the user. Due to their high bandwidth requirements the likelihood of a successful in-flight call using these traditional VoIP services is low. High bandwidth usage will have associated cost implications for the Wi-Fi provider. By restricting the bandwidth necessary to facilitate air-to-ground communications the MSA has significant associated cost benefits to the airline/Wi-Fi provider.

  • Value-Added Service

The MSA is a revenue generating Value-Added service for the airline carriers as they can utilise a variety of pricing models to charge passengers for secure air-to-ground communications on mobile smart devices. Morrigan’s pricing models are flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of specific airline companies.

As in-flight connectivity through satellite Wi-Fi becomes more prevalent, airlines will need to adapt their infrastructure and pricing models to ensure that they can benefit from the demand for this ground breaking technology. Through the MSA, Morrigan can provide airlines with a cost-effective revenue generating service to meet this growing demand for in-flight connectivity for passengers.

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