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Governments and National Security Agencies

Secure Communication

The Morrigan Secure Application (the “MSA”) provides secure voice, text and data communications to government and security personnel engaged in critical security operations. The easy installation of the MSA software on commercially available mobile devices facilitates voice, data and text communications safe in the knowledge that privacy and security are assured. It has tremendous applicability within a wide range scope of security and government functions where radio based communications are neither practical nor optimal e.g. communications between government ministers, executive communication amongst senior officers, protection of VIP’s etc.

Crisis Situation – Emergency Network

The MSA can rapidly provide secure communications using standard mobile devices in crisis situations where communication networks may have been rendered inoperable or severely compromised e.g. natural disaster or security incidents.  In such situations the MSA can be deployed with a portable, remote satellite unit which can establish a closed-loop, secure, communications infrastructure for critical security personnel. This facilitates the instant, secure transfer of information to front line emergency responders and operations control. In extreme circumstances, the public GSM communications infrastructure within a particular geographic area may be suspended to facilitate a specific security operation. This may eliminate the targeted mobile capabilities for a critical period during any operation. The operatives using MSA enabled mobile devices will remain connected with full secure mobile connectivity.

Mobile Device Management

The MSA, as a software solution, can be deployed directly to an operative’s personal mobile device. It will create a secure, encrypted environment on a personal device where operational data may be stored without fear of cross contamination from personal, unsecured information simultaneously stored on the device. This division of operational and personal functions for a mobile device creates a secure, cost effective communications network whilst reducing the requirement for individuals to carry separate expensive and often unreliable hardware communication devices.

All sensitive commercial data stored on the personal device is contained within the MSA’s secure encrypted “sandbox” keeping it safe from cross-contamination from unsecure personal data stored on the device. The MSA, through its encryption of data stored on the device, facilitates remote lock-down and remote wiping of encrypted data in cases where the unit is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. Users may also be remotely decommissioned should they leave an organization and all sensitive data may be removed from their device.

Man-Down Alerts

The MSA can facilitate man-down alerts to ensure the safety of operatives can be monitored. This is facilitated through a panic button built into the MSA. Once activated, this will alert HQ that an operative requires assistance and will send GPS co-ordinates to pin point a precise location. Alternatively a “Challenged Response” can be installed requiring the operative to physically confirm their well-being by inputting an individual code at set time intervals. Failure to input this code will automatically send an alert to HQ, again with the GPS co-ordinates to pinpoint location.

Wireless Networks

The MSA can securely connect to all wireless networks. This facilitates secure communications on Wi-Fi and satellite networks, including naval vessels, commercial passenger liners, commercial airlines and subterranean communications infrastructures such as Underground and Metro networks.