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Cost Savings

MSA to MSA calls anywhere in the world are free of charge once you have a provider data package or are using Wi-Fi connection. For international institutions with operations in many countries this offers a significant cost saving.

  • Cost efficient secure communication system for government and corporate operational needs;
  • Uses mobile network data plan;
  • Free MSA to MSA calls globally;
  • Allows the use of existing infrastructure trunk lines;
  • Securely avails of Wi-Fi hotspots when in range i.e. hotels, airports, commercial airlines, ferries, subterranean transport systems etc. for business on the move;
  • Fully independent or inter-operable across multiple agencies regardless of location i.e. between government, executive and security agencies;
  • Future proofed for future features;
  • Can be centrally managed by Morrigan or in-house; and
  • Fully automated allowing for remote deployment, secure installation and management.