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Mobile Device Management

Morrigan software is fully compatible with all existing Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) solutions.

Organisations take great care to ensure that data is secure when held on internal servers and have been using firewalls and security access systems to protect this data for years. Increasingly however, the office environment is becoming more mobile with employees using various mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, PDA’s) to facilitate their commercial activities.

A further challenge is presented to organisations with the increasing practice of ‘Bring Your Own Device’. Employees,  are increasingly turning away from traditional business issue mobile devices in favour of the devices they use in their personal lives. This is due to what they see as the increased functionality associated with their personal device and their familiarity with its use. Government agencies and commercial organisations now face the challenge of ensuring that sensitive commercial data stored on an employee’s personal device is secure and remains within the organisations control.

Morrigan MSA software is compatible with all leading MDM solutions. The MSA can seamlessly function in conjunction with an organisations existing MDM services whilst adding an extra layer of security to the voice, voicemail, text messaging and data communications of the organisation.

Even if no MDM solution is operational on the device the will MSA create a secure, restricted environment within the application where encrypted data is stored separately from personal unencrypted data on a smartphone or mobile device. This protects secure commercial data from cross-contamination from unencrypted, unsecured personal data stored on the device or used for personal purposes.  The MSA, through its encryption of data stored on the device, facilitates remote lock-down and remote wiping of encrypted data in cases where the unit is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.

Users may also be remotely decommissioned once they leave an organisation and all sensitive data can be removed from their device.  Through the MSA an organisation can ensure that commercial data is secure and remains within their control even when stored on an employee’s personal mobile device.