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Secure Mobile File Management

The Morrigan secure Mobile File Management system facilitates secure and encrypted  mobile file management and document editing. The ability to remotely access and utilise sensitive documentation and files via mobile devices presents clients with the opportunity to maximise operational reach and to fully exploit the commercial benefits of employee mobility within a secure, encrypted environment.

Through use of Morrigan’s Mobile File Management, client’s internal documents can be accessed remotely by authorised users on their smart phone or mobile device. The system creates a secure, encrypted environment where commercial documents can be stored and accessed without the fear of cross-contamination from unsecured, unencrypted data stored on the devices. Updates and edits can be made to these documents and they can be authenticated and digitally signed by the authorised user remotely through the user’s mobile device. This means that any updates or edits are securely attributable to the relevant user, ensuring traceability and accountability for all official documents. The documents remain encrypted at all times, whether in transit from secure servers or whilst stored on the mobile device. This ensures that the documents are secure and protected from the threat of interception or unauthorised alteration or dissemination.

These documents can be remotely and periodically backed-up to the client’s secure servers, ensuring the up-to-date versions of documents are securely accessible by all authorised users. Access to documents can also be restricted to authorised users within an organisation depending on security clearance. Users may also be automatically locked out of the server if their devices do not communicate with the server within a pre-defined period of time, subject to a client’s specific requirements. Clients also retain the ability to remotely shut down or wipe commercial data stored on a user’s device.

Together these features allow organisations to securely manage and safeguard the integrity of sensitive documents whilst accessing the productivity benefits inherent in the increased mobilisation of their workforce, facilitated by the ever increasing functionality of the mobile device.