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Transaction Security

Mobile banking and transactions are experiencing exponential growth. In order to fully exploit the commercial potential of Mobile Transactions organisations must increase customer confidence in the safeguards that are put in place in order to satisfy their customers that these transactions are secure.

Mobile software solutions are the future of mobile banking and transaction security. The MSA is an innovative, broadly applicable product that is capable of revolutionising the way in which we protect our mobile communications and transactions. The effective protection of customer privacy and security is critical to the broad adoption of mobile banking and financial transactions. Ensuring the security of mobile communications and transactions can also assist the corporate and financial services sector mitigate fraud through secure mobile banking.

As a software security solution, the MSA has unique applicability within the corporate and financial services sector. It can provide the basis for secure mobile banking transactions within a regulatory framework and, as a software solution, is capable of mass global deployment at minimal marginal cost.

The MSA has been developed to comply with the FSA ruling on mobile communication and recording.